Take time in your day to express who you are

An excerpt from our Evening in the Circle with the Spirit Guides on our busy lives

Joanna:  We talked about the pace of life, and that is one thing I’d like to ask about.  There are so many choices, so many decisions.  We try to make a living, try to be whole with our family and friends, try to do some good.  What can you tell us about ways to live a good and full life?  I know what you’re going to say but you tell us.  It’s easy to say:  be that that you are.  Speak your truth.  How do we know that?  What are some signposts to help us on our path?


Guide:    As you move through your day, take time to express who you are. To look at your partner perhaps, or somebody a clerk or someone else, just who passes you. You all long to be seen as part of beings in the physical world. See, others, witness their paths, and yours. Don’t be so busy that you move beyond a gentle glance. Witness each other.

Your world is very busy. There are so many tools you have created. It’s now that created against the creator. It’s true your tools run you many times. Were they not meant to give you ease? But they aren’t. They have created another burden. And what is the burden about? Something else to just cause busyness instead of being still. Instead of speaking to your friend face to face, touching, seeing, I see many of you looking down instead of out into your beautiful world. I have not come to scold. The creation of these amazing things has wonderful purposes. When the choice is right, you see the element of growth lies in the choice.

So in your busy life, choose. You’re all choosing to be busy; you can choose to not be busy. You can choose to be still, to cherish those that are with you. You can choose to cherish those who will be with you.

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