Someone who gave no name asks if she is taking steps backwards by seeing a man she thought she’d given up. She says, “This being is still very much in my thoughts and while I know that I must move on, he keeps coming back into my life and I know that it is because I initiate this to happen. Should I be leaving this alone? Also, am I preventing any chances of other opportunities for relationships to happen in my life if I am involved with this one? Does he want me to be in his life?”

This dear heart answers all of her own questions. And this one does know the truth. Yes, she is in a place of no growth with this being. And many times there is miscommunication, many times. This should tell you that you have moved forward and this one has not. You can still love this being but it would be a step backward to be with that one. And that would cause such friction within you. It is alright to love someone and still move forward and be open to a love, which is yet to be.