Cheenu writes: 

I am a quiet person outside but inside I’m not able to control the continuous chatter. The feeling of hurt and the anguish of not commenting back then and there wears me down. Most of the time things revolve around how others react towards my child. Please give me some guidance on how to make peace with myself. Is it ok to be quiet or explain the other person what they did not do right? Have I, in my previous lives, ever been outspoken? Is there a purpose for this attitude I have? Can I change it?


Well this one is very much a mother lion.  And of course, if someone in any way attempts to harm her, of course she will protect and speak out.   In thinking about things that should have been said often is wise, for things that should have been said would have just caused more grief for you.  Say them out loud to yourself at another time and release them from you.  There is part of this that you’re trying to understand about yourself. It is about standing up for yourself, fighting for yourself and it doesn’t always take words.

Your quiet, calm attitude isn’t one that’s being afraid or not willing to partake in discussion or fight.  You’re standing strong in your being.  Have you been mouthy at another time?  Well, no, but there’s someone in your life who has always had an opinion of everything and you grew very tired of that and that is why you are not quick to say things back.  Also your mind is sweet and beautiful.  You don’t think negative thoughts of other people.  You stay pure and sweet.

You worry a great deal that you’re not quite good enough, and you are a magnificent mother.  You don’t need to fight with words that really are only fear underneath.  Be not fearful.  Be who you are.

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