Standing behind another’s light

Funtastick  writes:

Greetings Guides and Helpers, Did I do the right thing? I helped someone by delivering a presentation about his ideas because I believe in them. Yet, this man has shown his ungratefulness and minimizes what I have done. In some ways, I feel like I have been foolish, unwise. Like if I knew better, I would not do what I did.

This hurts. He excludes me now. He has criticized the work that I have done for him. What do I do now? I feel like here is something that I wanted to do right and that I thought was right, but ended up being the one who got hurt again. Excuse my french please, but I do not know if my self-esteem can deal with another f****up (major mess up), including this one. Please help me. Lord, knows, I do not want to hear that I should not have done what I did to help, but if it is true, I will hear it. Just please give me some really good news along with it. Thank you

The Guide’s response:

You asked for good news along with it.  But your world offers mostly only negative news, does it not?  The good news is that you are a beautiful being.  That you have at your fingertips the power to achieve all things you want when you choose it for yourself.  Once again, you have stepped backwards in your growth  when you are choosing and trying to be in the light of someone else in order to be loved.

It is time to be loved for you alone, blessed one.  You don’t like yourself very much.  You want to hide in the brightness of others and if you hear one negative word you apply it to yourself instead of thinking that they own that word and it is not yours.

Dearest one, dearest one, you grew up trying to jump high enough in many situations and pretty enough and sweet enough so others would be happy. Where were you in all of this?  You know.  You know. That is why you are afraid to hear.

Love yourself, my child.  Sell you as you, not in the frame of your body, but in the light of who you be.  You do not need another’s light to stand behind.  Stop judging yourself so negatively.  You are created in the image of God.  You are perfect.  Be that that you are. There will be other loves, my dear. Be that that you are.

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