Stand in your own shoes and speak what you need and want

images-3Anna writes:

Dear Guides Ethereal and Physical, I thank you for blessing us with this opportunity. I seem to be given certain gifts that make me feel special and out of place at the same time. I feel inspired to take charge and yet feel fear. I am confused because I can’t seem to read the signs correctly. What should I choose from the multidimensional options that lay ahead of me? I can feel your presence trying to bring me strength, but the conflict within me is beginning to overwhelm me. The wings feel strong enough to fly, yet I feel something heavy holding me down. I pray to receive your guidance.

The guide’s response:

Oh I know, my dear. It would be so much simpler for you if I just told you what to do. But that would not work. It would not be good for you. You have some very heavy choices to make, some big, lifetime choices too make. You doubt your own strength and you doubt that you have the right to speak of your own needs. You keep it very secret within you. And that’s what you struggle with.

To say that you need to have on your path the life that you want is not a terrible thing, my dear. It’s good. It’s good to say what you want in the moment that you want it. Of course, truly understanding that in the next moment you might want something else or change your mind. Never restrict yourself to it just being one thing. For life is always changing. A path is always moving, altering, correcting, revising, going back and forth.

You have made some very large choices and you feel you have made some very large mistakes. I want to say you haven’t. You have learned, you have grown. But now you are a little timid of your own choices. You are afraid to make mistakes. That’s why you’re asking.  And that’s why I’m saying: take a deep breath, stand in your own shoes, and speak what you need and want.

It’s not the answer that you wanted. But you know it now. And you then will choose what you need to do.

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