Spirituality and the light of God

Jeanette asks is about spirituality.  She is struggling in the spiritual realm and wants to know what she is to God.  

Dearest Jeanette, you are of God.  You are light of God. Of course you are the love of God. Spirituality is not a system of control, not a religion.  You are spiritual my child—for you look, you listen, you see, you hear.  You’re willing to look all around you and wonder what your place is.  You wonder if your footprint is important, and you’ve only yet begun, my dear.  Yes, every being you touch; every eye you meet, you help.  You are an amazing being.  Do not doubt that you are loved and that you are of love.   To know this.  You know that you love. You are filled with it.  How could you not be of God?

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  1. Louise November 14, 2009 at 11:14 am - Reply

    HI i asked a question yesterday but I am really unsure if I posted it correctly I wonder if you could confirm that you got it ? If not I will re-submit it . Thanks Louise

  2. Louise November 14, 2009 at 12:20 pm - Reply

    I can see now that I did not submit my question correctly yesterday – so I will try again.I have recently realized that I have some gifts – in fact I was frightened for a while to acknowledge these . I am trying to find my way forward – and as a result I stopped nursing as I feel it is very negative for me. Am I following the right path ? Should I be working on my own work or my husbands – or is this good for us both ?Also – can you tell me did the people who came to me for help get where they needed to go ?

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