Spiritual toolbox—manifesting your heart’s desire

P1100773We asked the guide speak about the concept of manifestation and “like attracts like”. People have this idea that we can create dream boards to help manifest their ideal life and we know there’s more to it than that, but how do we make our heart’s desires come true.

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By fulfilling your promises. And you say, but how do I know? By that that lifts your heart. By being present in that that lifts your heart.

Is it really a board on a wall? Is it really a boat, or a house? What remains? What stays permanent when all changes occur? Truly, what makes you the greatest happiness (as happiness in the understanding that you know)  is growth, to achieve. For you truly feel wondrous about yourself when you’ve achieved some growth. Well you might not even understand the growth, but there is a peace that comes over you when you have headed into the waves, when you have not turned the bow of the boat and swamped, but pointed into it and gone full ahead. And stood in it and realized that it diminishes before you.

These things that you acquire through money, through certificates, through education, are these things truly what you want? Or is it a hand to hold, a face to look upon, a warm memory of a gentle touch?

It is very interesting that your physical world, your society, is set up to clutch and hold on to things from the past instead of the essence of what it represented: people growing, searching, achieving, moving forward. The wonderful essence of being, your spirit, chooses before a lifetime what is yet to be learned. And if achieved in the lifetime such a wonderful peace and happiness is achieved.

But you are talking of a different thing. I see you are talking about how to attract money to your life, how to find the perfect partner, how like attracts like. There are so many ways to do this in your physical world. And yet each being that has written such words is trying so desperately to achieve it. And often when they achieve what they think they wanted, it’s hollow. It isn’t it. And so they recoil and they choose another path. You can find a book, or a being who speaks from every era on how to do it. But your truth, that that you want for your life, is only within you.

So, find time in each day to be still. Find time to be in touch with the true centre of your being. You might think of it as your heart, or your head. You might think it an energy opening n the middle of your abdomen, or your chest. But go within this place. Be one with it. And think of something that brings you great joy and lifts you. It could be the sound of laughter, a bird, the thought of a beautiful place. And in that place and time, ask yourself…. Who am I? Who am I and what am I?

I am one with the greater spirit. I have come to be one with all, not to be above it, or below it, but one with it. When you realize and understand this, your promises will be made clear to you. It will be clear that you will need whatever it is because it has already been created within you to be fulfilled in this path. You will feel confident and assured. And you will proceed full of light and in love.

That is not to say that if you use a book, or put a picture on a wall and address it every day that you won’t eventually have that. But by the time you get to that, will you have missed what you truly needed?

In your world now you are going to be presented with the keys.  And it will be up to each of you to unlock your secret, your individual response, your choice to your world. It is not a time to be shown the map. You have the tools…to find you.

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