Kristine asks if you could talk about the physical and spiritual process of menopause. She says, “I think I am seeing this change slowly occurring in me now and I want to know how best manage my emotions during stressful moments, and the irrational thoughts too. I am laughing today, but my poor family!  I find this worrisome.”

This physical condition, the ceasing of menses, occurs in the female form. It coincides with a shift in the spiritual energies in the body. From being centered in the uterus and ovaries and the lower abdomen, it shifts up into the heart, which now becomes the center of energies.  And this back and forth feeling often causes friction and is felt as a hot flash. And also the emotional part will be the focus of your energy being, so emotions will flow.  And all the angst that was held from the deep part of your uterine area will come up into your voice and be spewed out in every direction.  Don’t be afraid of this.  It is actually an empowering strengthening time and you will see that as the energy shifts you will feel a lot better. Do whatever is necessary to ease the cellular level of this friction, this uncomfortable movement of energy.  It’s a good time for energy healing, for music, for floating in water, taking of things that heal and make strong the movement and the circulation of energy in the body.

In old times women were sometimes sent to lodges to dance and stamp their feet and this movement was very healing for the moving of the energy. There were times when they would go out to be upon the water. Water is a very healing balance, the rocking back and forth.  That can help too.  Seek it my child, as in all things physical you must seek your own truth.  Be not afraid to try all and find what is right for you. Bless you my child. Just tell all your family that you are in a time of great growth; that you may seem as if you are not who you are, but that you will always love them.  Ask their forgiveness if you speak harshly.

Thank you.  I’ll pass this information on to her.