LB says, “I know “soulmate” is just a term we use to describe soul connections in the physical world and I know that we can have a variety of different soul connections in a lifetime. Each one is special in its own way. However, is it possible to have a soul bond with another person that is stronger than all others? Is there a strongest “soulmate”, so to speak? Why do we have a stronger connection to some than others?”


Because you know them.  Because they are familiar and old beings, that stay a while, old friends, you know them.  Perhaps you have never seen them in the physical world before, but you know them.  You know their energy as much as you know your own.  And it is true, there is no one soul mate, but there is a soul knowing.  A deep, deep river that runs through very common known people that are common to each other.  Do you understand what I mean, known to each other.    And they are many, so you could meet many of them.  So you could not have one greater then the other.  You feel it much stronger then others because you are quite old my dear, you have lived many, many lifetimes.  The old and familiar is there, like those old, worn, comfy slippers.  Your world wants to categorize everything.  If you only knew how it does not allow you to grow.