I have a question from Apollo Zero Jukebox about soul clusters. She feels connected to three people and wants to know if a circle of souls can all be experiencing the same issues or paths in different lifetimes. She also asks whether we recognize others as being part of this cluster and are drawn to them.

Everything this one asks she already has the answers to. This is a very wise, evolved being. She knows she is part of a soul cluster (words that are now of great comfort in your world). These are groups of entities that will return and return time and again—to grow, to support, to love, to have promises with one another to help support the growth.

Yes, it is almost always the case that you are instantly familiar with the being. It doesn’t matter their age, sex, state of life. When you see them—when you are near to them, eye-to-eye, body-to-body—it is known that this is a familiar being, an ancient knowing, a deep resolve of trust. Yes, these beings can offer similar growth together for very often their evolutionary state is very similar. Though each being is of course individual in their rate of growth; their own vibrational code is their own. But all can be quite similar, thus they can become very supportive to one another. And usually it is the case with these beings that one will have difficulty and another will support, and then another one will choose to have theirs. It is not known in the conscious; it is in the spiritual promises and tasks. She knew all of these questions before she asked them. She does know these beings.

Thank you.