Society, promises, and partner connections

Almandine writes, “Are we meant to be polygamous or to have just one person we share our lives with? And why do men have roving eyes and cheat more than women? Is it a biological thing, or is it the society we live in that has conditioned their egos to make them do these things?”

This is a dear heart.  You have such sadness within you, and it comes forth in forms of anger and judgment and intolerance.  So you wonder if your entire world is filled with this.  It is simply through your vision at this time that you ask these questions and see this part of life.  Blessed one, take off those glasses and trust.  There is love.  There is wonder for you.  When one finds a mate, as to whether you choose to spend a lifetime… you might in this conscious mind believe that this is right, but in your spiritual growth, once the promise is complete you may feel the need to move on. But that is something you will choose in time and in growth.

There are no hard and fast rules, my blessed one.  Oh yes, this society makes many.  It finds comfort in having rules and categories and pigeonholes to force all beings to be in these.  But not all beings can my dear.  Do not be sad, blessed one.  Do not judge that all beings have what you call roving eyes.  Eyes are to see, to have vision.  Judge them not.  But trust that you will find the one that you feel secure and love.  But firstly you must find security and love within yourself.  And then you will draw it in the form of a love, deep and true.

No you have not consciously decided to distrust.  But of course part of you is very unsure about who you are and about the wonder of your own being.   Learn to love thyself.  Take time to look upon your image with joy and love and the excitement of that that is yet to be.  Take time to do this for you, my child.  Do not expect someone else to make you happy.  But you must make you happy.  You must make choices that please you, that love you.  You have had a path of helping others in many ways, creating growth for them.  Now it is time for you.   Do not be afraid or angry.  But allow yourself time.  You might call it healing.  I would call it loving—to alter, to balance, to love.  Bless you my child.

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    Thank you so much, this blog is amazing and such a gift to all who come in contact with it. Your reply to my question was helpful!

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