So many people, so many opportunities to learn, to grow

Masses-of-PeopleSteph writes:

Why are there so many people on earth, growing in number every day? Where do all these souls come from? Is earth a popular place to be at? Allthough there seems to be so much negativity in place (polution, economy crisis, poverty, illnesses, fanatism, pressure to have a job and enough income)?


Is it all because of the intense learning experience? Why to learn through difficulties rather than love and supporting conditions?


The guide responds: 

Well, they are learning through love and supporting conditions, but you must understand that where you dwell is a very large classroom. It’s the greatest school and there must be all forms of opportunities to create growth. I don’t know if you understand but right now in the physical world there are very large number of new souls and a very large number of very evolved ones, and not too many in the middle. This causes a great deal of friction between the two, and thus the opportunity is even more for wars and fighting and anger. But that is what it is about in your world: learning, growing.

Why are there more right now? Because it offers another opportunity for growing. There could be a great famine. There could be a plague. It could wipe out all of you and start all over again. You see, it’s the element of growth: to embrace all things that arise, to welcome it into your life, not as something foreign that you must run and hide from, but as an opportunity to grow.

Ask yourself: What do I choose to do in this situation? Who am I? What do I bring forward? What do I want the story of my existence to be about: Bringing peace and love… or creating more angst and anger?

You are given many tools to travel through the physical world with, to grow with. In your pockets are love, fear, anguish, a physical body with which to hold or push away. What do you do with this, this amazing opportunity, this amazing gift? What do you do with it? Do you sit back and wonder what are they doing? Or do you include in that “What am I doing”?

Do you understand how many drops of water there are in the ocean? The number of roads on a continent? That each one is important. If you do, then you understand that you are important. And every one of those that you see and might think are too many is important. Every one a piece of God, of Mother Energy, that can move the tides, that can dissolve mountains or build them up.

Will this domain that you are in ever be perfect? You have to ask: what is perfect? Is perfect having the opportunity of balance? Yes. Yes, my dear.

All things that have been said before, all books that have been written in ancient times, unfortunately do not fit now to your world. Oh, they have been studied and analyzed and used and tried on. They’ve been changed by languages; they’ve been changed by political means.

It is time to rewrite, or perhaps not rewrite but write… the truth of being.

What are you doing here? What do you believe? For all beings have beliefs, it is part of your tool kit. Even not believing is believing, my child. If you draw another breath, you believe in the physical domain.


Be in peace.

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  1. Steph August 23, 2014 at 5:57 pm - Reply

    Thank you very much! The answer touched me!

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