Small choices that can affect our world

imgresThe Guides spoke about the need to find new forms of power to avoid destroying that which does not need to be destroyed in the “A time of new beginnings” posting on 12/21/12. How does a person or group bring about such change to a new constructive form of power? It seems that one person cannot make a difference. Even groups of people have tried to make a difference and they have met powerful resistance by those owning the current forms of power sources. Politicians work for those who want to continue with the old way of doing things. It seems almost impossible to bring about such a constructive change on as grand of scale as is needed. We speak, but those who really need to listen and can make the change close their ears. What can a person or group do to bring about the needed change? Thank you.


Firstly, you must address what it is you believe.  Do you believe that each voice has a weight, an ability to affect the world?  To do nothing, to have apathy is a very negative thing to do to your world. You must be and you must choose that that is good for your world.  It has been said many times, if you take care of your corner of the world the world will take care of itself.

What that means is by your choosing, by your conscientious buying, buying  things that have  the least amount of touching by the many different sources of power, closer to the true food, the simple things that are not affected by great sources of energy.

And in your own life realize that every time you switch, or turn on, or blindly move through an area that has great energy, the effect  it has on your world.  Choose to not do it.  Choose to pull back.  Use only that that is necessary.

Support those that have a more positive impact on your world.  Support and make your voice known that you will assist those that have great impact.  You do have an effect.

Your world is now thinking that many things cannot be changed because money controls it.  But if masses speak their one truth in unison, it has an effect.   Trust in this, my dear.

Thank you for thinking about your world.  Your mother earth is very much at your bidding.  You do have an effect.  Bless you.

It is a big responsibility thinking about buying things.  It is just difficult when you go to the grocery store and you should buy the local organic food but you don’t have enough money to make that choice.

It is actually very simple.  If enough of the local organic stuff is bought, the price will come down.  And, in truth, pure, healthy food does cost more.  It has costs to make it, to create it.  It is an ebb and flow.  When you will spend money there, you will spend less money at the drug store.

It is part of healthy living to apply the money where it has a harmonious effect–in organic. Buying organic food from your neighborhood farmer or grocer, is a way to affect the world.  It is all choices. Everything in the physical world is about choices.  That is how you learn and that is how you grow.


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