Hi Guides!  My name is Jennifer and I was wondering if you could help me. I have been with my husband for 24 years and this marriage feels like it is falling apart. He is hurting me and I am hurting him. At the same time I feel this incredible love for him and want to make it work. Sometimes it feels toxic and I think I should move on but I love him so much too. Should I let the marriage go?

You are a very brave being to ask such a question of something you value so dearly.  I will tell you something:  when two beings such as you and your mate have a promise together (which you two have had), you create an energy between the two of you.  This energy cannot be destroyed.   Even if you were to leave there would always be a part of you with that being. Yes, loving in the highest sense, caring in the deepest sense.

What has happened is that you have come to a time where one grows and the other doesn’t.  One seems to be in a place of no growth and the other is moving ahead quickly.  Your choice is whether to stay while the other moves forward, knowing that you cannot do the work for them, but accepting that they must have some time to do it in.  To bathe them in the light and love you have for them, not giving direction just light.  You are rich in many ways, blessed one.

Vibrationally you have the ability to love many, but you are very…picky is the best word to convey.  This being has been perfect for you until the state of no growth. Try not to change this one to be something that you have grown into, but rather to embrace the wonder of who he is.    I am not saying you will not find another who is perfect.  But I am saying you have a very big promise with this being. Take your time.  Trust. Be open to seeing this being in a new light, a light that you stand in.  Bless you my dear.