Connecting with your own heart and soul, blessed one

SoulGrowing Soul – I am feeling tired and hopeless. I just need the guides to tell me something positive to give me strength and keep my spirits up.

I have been trying everything possible for the move to happen, praying to the angels and my guides, visualizations, applying for jobs, but nothing seems to work. Will NJ’s new job help with the move? Also, it seems if the question ever comes up my in-laws would be against it… Please help!

Guide – Dearest one, you are seeking permission to be, to be happy. You have had many choices made for you, many choices  You have walked the walk for others and not allowed yourself the expression of your own heart or soul. There are so many things and so many ways in which you have kept quiet. Why do you keep quiet? To keep in-laws happy, the husband pleased?  Where is your soul, blessed one?

It is as if you are trying to force your feet into shoes that no longer fit, a square peg in a round hole.

You seek for signs but you do not want to hear your own inner voice. You need to go, to run, to be. You need to experience, to walk down the street free and not attached to a known by any other. You need to walk through the forest or an open field just to experience it, with no purpose.

You want a sign blessed one, and yet every sign offered to you, you deny it. Because you are afraid of what you feel and hear. You’re afraid you’ve put all your hopes and dreams into the hands of others, and left nothing for you to see and hear.

But in truth this is a very powerful time. It is a time of great growth for you. That is why this occurrence is over and over. You have not yet chosen, you have not yet done the work you need to do for you.

Now… do you break with tradition? Do you flee?  You are an amazing, gifted writer. You have a deep, romantic heart. Why not take up pen and paper? Secretive, it must be, to give you courage. And write the story of a being such as you who escaped through that desire to be. Create the life you would choose and a story line. See where you would go and how you would be. It’s a way of trying it’s a way of seeing what you are choosing. And if someone ever sees it or finds it, say it is not you but just the creation of a story. Give yourself a veil to hide behind.

Bless you, my child, for your prayers and your thoughts are heard. You are not alone.

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