Cheenu writes: 

Hi, I am a very touchy person. I take things on my heart and then take it as my resposnsibilty to answer back to the person. If I cant (usually most of time) it starts in me a cycle of burning and criticizing myself which is too much for me to handle..
I want to ask:  do people see me as a weak person who can be controlled easily acc to their wishes?  And how can I find relief if I’m not able to answer back? What is the correct approach to deal with the negative people in life–ignore them or confront them?

The guide’s response:

Dearest, dearest Cheenu (an interesting name!)  I will say to you, do not worry what others think of you. Do not judge yourself so harshly.  Truly, others are only thinking of how you are judging them.  It is an interesting dynamic that occurs when you dwell in the body.

Truth is, in spirit we do not judge each other by a form or an action, but truly by the sight and senses of energy alone. Trust that your energy is of the greatest vibrational height.  Worry not what others think of you.  Seek to respond as the purest light would respond, with joy and light and love. Tap into that unending world of love that dwells within you.  Pour love into anything that is negative and you will simply diminish it as you would the sweetest syrup over the highest stack of pancakes.

Do not worry, just rejoice.  See the light in another even if it is a cranky face shown to you.  See the light behind that choice to be cranky, see it someone who is feeling very alone.  Bless them.  Yes, use that word.  Shine your light upon them. Diminish your fear.  For if you shine the light, the light of you– that is all that you will be able to see. Bless you my child.