H  writes:

Dear guides, There is so much pressure in my job and no appreciation. How can I find the balance, and be assertive without jeopardizing my job? I give 150% yet I feel constantly questioned and not valued in my role!  My job is part-time; however I work through lunch, leave late, and work from home with no thanks or financial incentive.  My home life suffers as I am always in ‘work mode’ and find it very difficult to make work a sideline. Finances are tight and there is worry regarding job cuts which adds to the stress.  I cannot tell if management has hidden intentions.

The guide’s response:

Dearest one, you’re very unhappy and so you dwell in a great amount of fear and uncertainty.  And to this you draw the fear and uncertainty from others.  It’s like a magnet, pulling out from others that that you feel inside of you.  To change this you must alter this balance.  You must fill your being with joy, with light. See the joy in others; see light in others.  As if to say see the energy of light in each being. And as they may have difficulties, do not accept that but see the joy in them.  See their amazing strength or their determination.  Then you will begin to see your own.  You have great power my dearest.  You can do this.  You can shift this energy into being more constructive and positive for yourself.  It’s all about how the balance is for you right now.  It’s why you are so exhausted at the end of the day.  It is why you do not feel appreciated, for they do not feel appreciated.  You are magnifying it.

Be what you want to be: a powerful radiant being.  Help others to be that and you will share that in a second.  It is not a difficult task, although it may seem to when you are taking this energy in.  Blessed one, it all can change—in less than a second.  It is your choice.