H  writes:

Hello Guides. The first impression that I got of BD is that he was a honest genuine and nice guy, whom I would like to get to know more about. I am not sure that his thoughts regarding me were as positive; or that he shares the same interest. Will BD stay in contact and make the efforts necessary to meet again, or is he just a polite stranger?

The guide’s response:

I know my blessed one why you are so, well…shielding of your heart.  Do not assume you know what this one was thinking.  Let that being be. This is unfortunate, what occurred but don’t let that limit that being.  When you think of this one, surround him with white light.  If it is important to you, this one will return to you.  But before any words are spoken, surround everyone with white light.  Open your heart.  It is understandable that a being creates an armor or persona to protect.  Not only for yourself, but others do this as well.  And when two armors come together, what do you expect but this noise, this clashing, for each to put down that that was to protect and that did serve them well.  It takes a while.  Be patient dearest, there is love for you.