Funtastic writes:

Much light and love to you all.

I have a friend named Venita.  She is my first female friend in quite a long time.  However, I think we have grown distant lately, and I don’t really know why.  Being a person who has had few female friends makes this change in relationship hard for me.

Will you tell me why the relationship has changed and if I have failed in some part on being a friend to her.  I would like to have more female friends that click like she and I did.

I met her at a church but I do not share all of the beliefs of the church.  I do not think this matters to her, but I do have some concerns about being accepted in general by the members of the church if they knew about my religious and spiritual beliefs.  It is difficult because I have had some of my needs met at this church but yet I have to keep hidden the beliefs I have that conflict with the church beliefs for fear of rejection and judgment.  What advice can you give me on this?  Thank you


The guide’s response:

Dearest one, know that your feeling of being separate or different is very much understood for you have lived many, many lifetimes and there are very often circumstances where you will feel alone.  But you will in time you will meet other ancient ones and have deep communion with them.  It doesn’t matter if you need to speak about your spiritual beliefs or not, the knowing will be there.

This friend is still your friend. This one is seeking out to find a place within that community and seeks many and all, not only you but has not yet found a place where she feels completely secure and safe.  When you are near do not fill the air with words and thoughts, be still and allow the love to radiate through your being.  In other words, dearest one, just be.  If that one is in a place in time in which she is ready to be in your light and with your company, she will choose it.

There is nothing wrong with you dearest, you are a most beautiful being with a very strong knowing and getting stronger with each passing moment of who you are and how to be. You may find in time that the beliefs you enter with this group will no longer fit you.  But do not be angry with yourself, for you will find a time and place that is right for you to speak openly.  Beings choose to stand understand certain beliefs for fear of being that that are–perfect, wondrous with an inquisitive mind seeking answers.

You have stepped into a realm of knowing for your true teacher lies within and that is where your communion with God lies.  Do not fear it, but be it. You are doing beautifully.  Your friends will return on their terms.  You must not change to meet any other needs.  Be that that you are–perfection.