Maurice – Dear friends,

Here’s my question. When I was younger, weird things happened in my house (paranormal). I always want to know who was that or those spirts who did those things?Sometimes I was ok with it; sometimes I was scared.  

Yes, my dear.  Your curiosity, your thoughts wandering and thinking are wondrous.  As to who they were and the houses you have lived in…. mostly they are beings that are trapped. It’s not so much that the house has trapped them, but they chose not to move forward in their process.  They chose to stay present in the lifetime even when their physical domain was no longer present.  You could see them and feel them and sometimes their angst and anguish was conveyed to you fearfully and sometimes not.  But trust, my dear, that nothing can harm you from spirit.

Oh, you put fears on it and the fear you put upon your body can cause you a strain. But spirits will always be of love.  They might be confused, love turned inside out, but if you approach them with love it will completely diminish any of what you might think of as negativity, but in truth is only confusion.

Yes, Maurice, you are very intuitive.  You can see and hear other dimensions.  It is very, very easy for you to do it.  You put many different slants on it just for your own comfort and for testing if other people are willing to hear. You live in a time where it is acceptable now.  Do not fear.  You can speak of your evolution.