Adrian – Hello, I want to contract my angels and my spirit guides. I’m not good at guided meditation, I meditate better in ”here and now”. I live in a very polluted city, I’m not so close to nature. I like very much the nature, I think that a vacation in nature could help me to connect with my guides/angels. But I can’t afford to go in a vacation in a place with clean air. Please tell me how to contact my angels/spirit guides? How many minutes should I meditate?In mid september is my birthday, I want to contact them for my birthday. I want this gift for my birtday. Many blessings.

Well, my dear, seek and ye shall find.  Ask and you shall be heard.  But you must be still in order to hear the beings around you.  And, it may not be through voice at first.  It may be something you have chosen to be a confirmation; a penny, a bird, a song.

You see, it is the path of least resistance that they must take with you.  You set up so many rules and regulations and expectations that you limit your ability to hear them.    You will not hear with your ears but with your heart.  You are so busy building walls and then smashing them down.  Just be still for a time, my dear.  See how special each moment of your day is.  How, when you awake in the morning you are a different person by the time you sleep.  You will go through an ebb of emotions and feelings and almost those will have helped you be who you are now, a competently growing moving being.   

An entity may say to you there is an opportunity on your path, but you still have to do the work to be at that place to see, to hear, to not thrash by in a fit of anger believing there is nothing. Be calm, my blessed one.  Be calm.  The birthday gift is the life you walk in. that is the greatest gift you have my dear.  They have always been with you.  They are trying now.  Be still.  Listen with your heart.