Willow writes:

Hello again. Thank you for your last spot on advice about men. Knowing you cannot tell me exactly what to do would you possibly give me some clear intructions on handling my biggest worry. Career. Who to talk to, where to go? Anything Please? Thank you.

The guide’s response:

Your physical world has many expectations, part of this is your great concern that you must centre yourself within something now, in a hurry, so as to not waste time.  Dearest one, time can never be a waste if you are seeking that that is the highest within you.  It is growing time, it is learning of who you are and what you need to do.  Seek the joyful wonder, the excitement of fulfilling something and it never becomes work.  It becomes your passion, your creative force, your love.

You are feeling somewhat numb right now, blessed one.  So, the most important thing for you to do is to bring back feelings in to your life.  Instead of just doing the functioning, start understanding why you do certain things. Even to the simplest things such as brushing your teeth.  It is a joyful act, feel the cleansing, the taste and the wonder to smile.  You see my dear, you are hopping over things too quickly.  Do not be in a rush.  At your very fingertips is career.  Your healing energy, it is known.  If I were to give you the exact things, and the person to talk to, it would take from your growth.  But you do know who to talk to.  You will talk to the ones that love you, that do not judge you and understand that you need to try on certain understandings.

Be as loving and gentle with yourself as you are with others and you will know about career.  It is a life-long path, never one thing or another, but the many things.  For you are many facets of a beautiful gem all one radiating the love that you are.  So, choose whatever my child, but understand that each is for learning, for growth that you will help you and others on your path.  Seek the joy blessed one and you will know.