Seeing the joy and love in your life

Someone calling themselves ” Struggling with growth” writes, “Over the past year there have been many changes in my life: the end of an engagement, the loss of a lover, a new job, a lift in my need for spirituality.  I understand that all these events are part of growth but when will I feel the contentment in my heart that I long for? When will I feel complete and find my true self? And what can I do to aid this process?”

Ask yourself what you think contentment is?  Being at peace?  Having no emotion?  Having no forward growth and movement?  In truth, none of those things would keep you in the physical world.  Contentment?  What you want is some happiness.  What you are looking at is just joy.  Some joy.  I think you’ve forgotten to look at how joyful you are.  Yes you have grown. You have chosen a very complicated path, but you do have joy.

You look around and judge yourself by the measure of how others look. You truly do not know how they are growing in their own paths.  Every path has difficulties.  That’s what it’s about—growing.  There is pain and that is forward movement.  In joy there is forward movement.  You hold not tightly to these things that have occurred. You have moved forward.  You do very well.  Self awareness—you have it my dear.  You are just measuring it by some other standard.  You are surrounded by love.  Soak it up.

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