See yourself on a path, somewhat familiar

Waronadipose writes:

Am I old, new, or middle aged in the spirit. My curiosity is wondering how many lives I may have lived such as what I have done as far as occupations or have I ever been a parent? I know you cant go into much detail, but I am just curious.

The guide’s response: 

Yes, my dear you have been a parent many times.  It is why you ache sometimes when you see them. That is why you are often confused with your path.  As to the age of your soul, it does not matter by years’ standard.  And vibrationally, well, let’s just say you are getting up there.  For you have a wonder of life and your understanding that nothing stays the same.  It is only with great evolution that you learn to embrace change as a constant.  Very evolved beings usually never ask how old they be, for it radiates through the very physical body that carries them and a new soul doesn’t even want to think about it.  But all are blessed where they be and you are blessed where you be.  So, see yourself as on a path again, somewhat familiar, for it is very well known that  you will be drawn to that that is easy to learn, almost as a remembering and somewhat  fearful of the unknown.

Very soon you will be drawn to a very new circumstance.  I don’t want to say you are bored, my dear, but there is  part of you is yearning for fresh air.  And when you think it in your heart, you place it on your path.  You are creating that that you will fear in a little while, but do not.   Bless you my child.  I call you child not as the understanding of the physical youth, but the child in the willingness to grow in the spiritual understanding.  Bless you.

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