See your life as an opportunity to create that that you desire

MelaniaBrescia8 Curious one writes:

Dear Guides, Why am I struggling with everything at the moment (finances, weight, work, family, feeling positive & getting through each day)?  I cannot see the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ and I don’t know how to improve things in my life.  I find it so hard to hide my misery, and feel guilty for affecting those around me.  I am so tired of things being difficult and I’m desperate for joyful experiences. I can’t remember the last time I felt happiness that wasn’t fleeting! I would love to take my son on holiday, but I’m constantly juggling to meet commitments, which feels like a losing battle.  I cannot even afford to look for love.

I have been told I won’t be financial stable until I settle down and that it won’t be in the near future.  If this is true then I am trying to achieve the impossible. Please help me…. Where is he? I cannot even sense my guides for comfort.  With Many thanks.

The guide’s response

Blessed, blessed child, you have asked the universe, your blessed beings that surround you—but you have not asked yourself. You have opportunities to make choices in every instant of your path. And you are choosing “unhappy” instead of “happy”. There are resolutions for each of these things. But the most important thing for you to do is to examine how you feel about you.  You have adopted theories and understandings and tried to wear them like shoes that are too tight, only causing more weight upon your being.

Oh blessed one, eat what makes you happy. And that does not mean foods that are bad for your being, but foods that bring happiness and well being to you. Good fresh vegetables, good clean waters. Celebrate with good celebration food, not food that no longer even resembles something you would eat.

As for the financial burdens, the truth is, my dear, you do make the money but you have not learned how to deal with it properly. You know this. You get tired and instead of doing what would be more financially stable, you do something that in many ways is not good for you.

Are you a miserable sort to be with? No. But you believe you are. You believe that no one will love you. I see a beautiful being that loves to laugh, that loves to celebrate life. But you choose to recoil from life. That’s right, my dear, you’re choosing this.

Just for a while I want you to stop all manner of thinking and understand that in all things there is a choice involved. But I want you to first put your happiness right at the forefront of that choice.

You believe that meeting a lovely man and bringing that into you life that he will instantly make you happy?  Oh perhaps for an instant, but until you start choosing for yourself the burdens will still be there, my dear. And I want to tell you that all the things you wish for are there are your fingertips, but through the means of a choice can be yours.  If you think this is impossible, take just one day. In each second where there is an opportunity to make a choice—and that starts with getting out of bed or not. And see how your choices can affect a day.

Then take another day and don’t make any choices for your self but just be the one doing other people’s bidding. And see how happy you are.

Start to see your life as an opportunity to mould and create that that you desire, my dear. You are not a victim of circumstances. You are a creation. The light that is you, that beautiful spark, that soul energy, created your body and creates the path that serves to teach you. Choose happiness, my dear. Bring all those things at your fingertips into your life.

This is not beyond your understanding. You know this. You just want to have it made easy. Making choices for yourself is perhaps the hardest thing to learn about dwelling in your physical dimension. Drawing in the love for you, that’s when you choose for you. There is love for you my dear. Choose it.

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