Ana asked about the quote, “I treat everyone else the way I want to be treated”…and she wonders, “if it is coming from inside my heart, what would the reverse be?” I find this question a little confusing, and I hope you can help Ana.

She is most definitely a very confused being. She struggles with things, she fights against words. She is very confused, frustrated, and angry with herself. She tries to conform to ways and means that others seem to find easily. She takes down bits of information hoping to retain them, but they are not her truth.

Dear blessed one, be still. You are beautiful. You are perfect. Your path, your truth is tailor-made for you. Do not worry. That that you need so desperately is coming to you. Open your heart, do not judge it. Allow the light to flow in. Receiving is often very difficult for beings. They feel somehow that they must do in order to receive, that there must be some act of giving, some exchange of money. Blessed one, BE and allow the light to flow into you, unasked for, with no bidding. You are love and you can receive love.

That is very beautiful.

This being tries so very hard and works everything to the point of sores. It is often the case, I have seen it a great deal. A being will grab on to a book, or theory and it is as if they want to eat it, to grow limbs out of them, as if new hands in which to be, to see everything as a different perspective, another view. But remember, it is your view. That one you know. Pay attention to it.