Romance and youthful love

Sarah recently met someone and fell instantly in love.  She says, “I felt a deep connection with this person but issues of distance meant we couldn’t be together. I’m finding it impossible to move on. I can’t think about anything much else. Is there a genuine connection between this person and me and what does it all mean? I’m only just 21 and have never felt this for someone before in quite the same way.
Dearest one. You are a true romantic and you want all of it.  That being, yes, that being has awoken a part of you, but wasn’t meant to be for a long-time knowing.  (Not to say that there wouldn’t be a chance again.)  The important thing is for you to understand your growth right now. You are a joyful light.  For you there are three people that you can meet that you could love and be with for a very long time.  And a time will come when you will be very confused about choosing.  But I want you to understand your wonder. To see what light you bring to others when you allow them to see you. You often are quite shy.  Show your light my dearest.  Draw in the love you want and deserve.  For you will have that wonderful romantic, youthful love.   Trust. Time is not a burden, but a great joy for you right now.


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