Releasing past stresses and being that that you are

Cheenu  writes:

I keep thinking of past events and dread the future.  I am suffering from a hair problem and went to a psychic and she told me I’m under stress.  How do I cope with it–this constant thinking?  I feel unworthy sometimes.

The guide’s response:

Sometimes, dearest one, you are overwhelmed with your own thoughts–and they are not the thoughts of healing and loving.  They are old thoughts.  It’s as if you were a sponge and you soaked them up early in your life.  There were rules and regulations which you had to fit within.  Dearest one, break out of these rules.  I want you to un-hypnotize yourself.  Change your words in your mind, in your conscious words.  Where you hear negative, stop.  Even if you just say it out loud: No, I am not going to think that now.  I am going to think: I AM.   And in I am, I am perfect, and I am learning and growing and being and I love who I am.

You are to look upon your image as beautiful for you are blessed one.  Do not hide behind anything.  Do not judge for I see the most beautiful eyes that express a soul so willing to love.  So giving, for you know you would give anything you could to those you love and more. The stress you carry is the ancient stress of words that are not yours. It is said in your world that when a young one arrives, a child with an ancient spirit, they are so willing to help those that they came to be with that they often take on the pain they came to be with.  You can release this for you are not responsible for other people’s growth or pain, only your own. You can release the burden you’ve carried. You might need help from others.  Perhaps, you will find someone you trust that will not judge you.

Often through speaking out loud things that occurred early in life, you will see it in a different light and understand such a small child needn’t have felt this way. It is not that they were wrong but you were right. It just did not help you to be the whole of who you are.  See yourself with the light and love that you would give to any child and love yourself slowly, gently, with ease–with love.  And know that you are not alone, that you are loved.

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  1. CHEENU February 3, 2011 at 3:04 pm - Reply

    sometimes when i talk to my loved ones and see them in pain esp my parents i feel so overwhelmed and i keep on gives me lot of stress..someone talking rudely and idont answer back also hurts me..its just not me to answer them back. thses issues stress me so much that i get ill…how to become strong….?

    and one more thing if u could plz answer…since 10 years i have been suffering from a hair problem which has snatched my confidence esp as im a female…is thereany remedy?

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