L writes, “I would like to ask for guidance at finding myself in the situation for the second time, of attracting a very predatory stalker, the whole situation is a hot mess, I understand and believe to let something or someone go in your life you have to send it or them love, I am struggling! How can I get to the point of loving and peacefully release this person and situation for the good of all involved? Can you shed any light on whether this has happened because I am straight and female and chose to remain single so I can heal and repair myself?”

Precious one, you say you are being true to yourself. and this is partially true.  You are trying very hard to choose what you believe in.  There is still confusion in your blessed heart.  You attract those confused ones for that is part of you.  Truly to love that being; surrounding them in white light would help them.  But it would mostly help you.  In doing so, this will surround your own being with light and love.  That that you give out, you must be before you give it out. You have set limits to yourself.  Now to your being and that is what you struggle against blessed one.  Embrace the wonders of being.  You have learned to be a chameleon in order to just make peace for you cannot tolerate the turmoil of your world.  But sometimes, you must step into the turmoil in order to find the peace to be that that you are a radiant being with the capacity to love all.  A great desire never to harm does not mean that there are times that you must not say and be who you are and having no desire to help others deal with it.  As you grow and as you move forward you will understand. In pain, you grow.  Therefore, the pain once negative becomes positive.  Be not afraid of who you are blessed one.