Release yourself from self imposed expectations

I wonder writes:  

Another fantastic opportunity. Thank you Ladies & Guides. Please may I ask, is there a more fulfilling job or career for me? I have previously asked about work and you have correctly pointed out that I stay where I am purely because I believe it will provide stability. I work very hard but feel in a state of no growth, and despite taking a 2nd job my finances are never enough to cover everything. Should I make sacrifices of working more hours & accepting less money, and can you offer any pointers or guidance regarding which profession I may enjoy? The years are going by so fast and I truly would love one day to have our own home!

The guide’s response:

Well, you will definitely have your own home, my dearest.  You need to start experiencing life in a joyful way.  At this point you are simply… well, it’s almost like you are  paralysed by expectations that you have put upon yourself.  They are not there by any other means but your own choosing.  You have locked yourself into this one idea of how you must create a home, or money, or life and so you have limited, almost to the point of paralyzing your being.

How to shift this? First, why don’t you go looking for a place in which you could dance?  Oh, I don’t mean a beer hall, my dear; I mean a place like an evening class of dancing of some sort.  What I want you to do is lift yourself up a bit.  You are feeling totally overwhelmed by expectations to the point that it is making all of your insides anxious and irritated almost to the point of being inflamed.   You need to find an expression of joy, fun and laughter.  Sometimes this can be seen simply as learning something new: an element of dance, or song, or a creative source.  Movement would be very good for you, my dear.

And as to other careers, there is nothing wrong with the one you have and there are ways that it can make more money for you.  But you would need to release yourself from expectations and do not accept less than what you feel you are worth.  Bless you my child.

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  1. sdaiute April 1, 2012 at 7:36 pm - Reply

    Hello and thank you! I was wondering why I sleep so much and yet, am always tired. It seems that for years all I’ve had – when I get to sleep – are awful, scary dreams.
    Also, is there any way I can help my father?
    Thank you very much!

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