Rejoice in the feelings of love reawakened

A man calling himself Mr. Tone asks about his reconnecting with an old flame from 28 years ago. He says he finds himself thinking of her every minute and she feels the same, but unfortunately she is married. He asks, ” I’m just wondering if we would ever be together; she wants to be with me and she has stated so.”

And you want me to foretell the future? Rejoice in the feelings of love. It is awakened within you my dear one. Something that you felt not possible. It is a youthful, exciting, amazing thing. As to whether you will be together, that is yet to be seen. There are many choices that need to be made. Each individual, not just her but you as well.

There will be many changes you must choose if you were to do this and she as well. I cannot tell you what you will do, for that is up to you. It is your responsibility for your choice. But there is never anything wrong with love. There are many actions that can be somewhat destructive and in many ways chaotic. Choose what you need to do for your being, blessed one, and rejoice in being awoken, alive.

It is interesting in the physical form how you want to have a time limit on things. Yet, in the very moment, in the height of love are the highest in that moment. What you believe and think and dream of, is never quite what is in the moment of it. Enjoy it, be in it. Love is an amazing energy especially this form of love.

I think I hear you saying that we are often are thinking more about how we can make this stay, how we can make it happen in the future, how we can manage things instead of experiencing the bliss of the moment.

Yes, I do understand the time element of the physical world. But too much is under control issues instead of receiving the great gift that you have received and that part of this being was closed down and is now awakened. And in truth, part of him feels that he is that youthful being again. What a grand gift.

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  1. Nastassja Moses July 9, 2009 at 12:07 pm - Reply

    I am very grateful to have found this blog! I think you all are doing wonderful things, and I thank you. I suppose I have recently become very aware of how things may really be, as opposed to what I’ve thought was fact my entire life before. I keep reading and reading and reading, but I don’t really know what to do as far as just being. I’m also having a hard time letting go of old beliefs and welcoming new ones. I have a lot of fears, including financial ones, that I KNOW I need to let go of, but I don’t know how. I guess I’m not really asking a question per se, but rather I am looking for a sign or something that tells me concretely that I really am a co-creator, I am eternal… That I’m not just wanting to believe in all of this so badly. (I can’t tell what is my ego and what’s real inside of me.)Thanks for your love and compassion,Nastassja

  2. Pam July 9, 2009 at 6:38 pm - Reply

    I wonder if it is possible to become integrated, balanced and grow if I can’t resolve feeling I have been born into the wrong body and my life has been one of trying to hide and stop hurting so much; it is also possible that I am too old for the journey…I just don’t know.Pam

  3. nature-calls July 10, 2009 at 8:03 pm - Reply

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  4. Janette July 10, 2009 at 8:12 pm - Reply

    I need help.My ex and I had a really good relationship for 3years. However, the final year was filled with problems that dont seem to be solvable. His biggest worry was that he could not be able to provide for me in the future. And because of that, we broke up. I thought for a couple of months about how things could be better. Then when I found out he is with another girl, I felt a knock on my head saying “get him back!” The most horrible thing is that I was only a day late. A day late when he decided to give that new relationship a try. We talked for the past few days. We felt the heavens playing a fool on us and because I will be flying off to another country for 6months, We decided to put this topic on hold till I return. The knock on my head not only tells me to get him back but also make me feel that he is the one for me. I cant stop worrying if it will be too late when I return. I have so much fear.

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