Recurring fearful dreams

LS writes, “When I was a child of about 7 years, I had a reccuring dream for about four years. Gradually as I got older, the dream became less and less frequent. In this dream, all I remember is an intense fear, which I best describe now with words such as tortured, hopeless, grieved, or panicked. I could feel the walls closing in on me, the sound of voices screaming, and a feeling like my head was going to explode. I would be in a trance-like state during the dream, often sleep-walking. When I would wake up, I would not be able to describe the dream, or the feelings of fear, but only the knowledge that something terrible had just happened, something that was beyond my understanding at the time.

I recently found out that my dad had the same type of reccuring dream when he was a boy. What happened to me? To us? Was I experiencing some kind of trauma from a past-life? If you could please provide some answers for me it would give me a lot of relief, as I have always been haunted as to why this went on for so many years. It was terrifying for me at the time, especially not being able to articulate to an adult what had happened, or even what those feelings meant. Thank you and much love.

Yes, many of the dreams that young children have, of course, come from a pre-existing state of being and they do not know how to put it into perspective. Their conscious mind tries to make sense of it but cannot. Many of your deep seated fears and phobias, as well as dreams that leave you feeling somewhat disturbed come from a pre-existing condition, or state of being. To give yourself peace you must free yourself from it by blessing all beings in the dream and praying for them as well as for yourself. Yes, you created each one of them, but you have the ability to free yourself from it by blessing each one or meditating on it, whatever word you wish to use. Think of the person or being and surround them in light and love. The way to free yourself is by loving them, opening yourself to it. Do not fear; it is not going to happen again.

Dreams are an interesting thing in your world. So many people see them as omens. They are teaching tools. They are helping you to make peace with something that was, or something that you are about to deal with, that is already present in your path. If a person has a deep-seated fears it is often from a past life. Perhaps they didn’t give enough time in between lifetimes to make peace with what took place. A child  will say to a parent after a dream, “In this dream you were my brother, or perhaps you were with me but I was the mother.” It commonly happens with children.

It seems that LS isn’t remembering so much a certain person, but a strong sense of fear. Can this be healed?

She has to send the healing to herself. The fear is within her. She needs to surround herself with white light and accept that fear is part of a human’s path. It is a tool to aid in loving the self.

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