DD asks about a recurring dream that caused him extreme anxiety in his youth.  He writes, “This  dream was like no other; it was not visual, no sound to speak of, so very difficult to describe in words. I can only describe it as objects, vibrations or feelings in the distance slowly coming towards me. I would watch them come towards me. At first I would try and identify what they where, if there was a reason for concern. They would differ from dream to dream, sometimes I would be filled with fear until they got close enough for me to see they were of no harm to me, then i would be filled with reassurance. On other occasions it would be the opposite; they would pretend to be these familiar objects that I have had connection with until they were too close to hide and would manifest into a darker emotion, which caused me a lot of distress.

It’s been 30 years since I’ve actually had these dreams but the sensation is with me any time i think about it. Ive thought over the years that these may have been my guides, but wondered who , or what the negative objects where and why they were interested in me?

Dear one, these dreams are a creation of your conscious mind having difficulty with your life’s path.  Feeling anxious, feeling unable to control, feeling the unknown is frightening.  There is nothing to worry about.  These are not guides.  In fact, your entities that surround you are trying very hard to help you to relax, to find a way in which you don’t feel so harsh about yourself.  You often feel that you have to work so hard to be accepted by all.  You do not need to know the answers for everyone else.  You need to just find some form of expression that brings you feelings of peace.  These dreams are not bad omens other than they are telling you that you are over stressed.   You need to understand that you cannot control the paths of other beings.  You can only be responsible for your own actions.   You are doing very well but you are very worried about what others think.  Try to be more at peace my dearest one.