Irtsa writes, “ All my life, I have been on the fence in regard to spirit: my inner scientist (the archetype created by my biological scientist-father) has one view of things (skeptical, un-attached, looking at the data without drawing any conclusions); and the inner child, who, wide-eyed, believes all the stories put to her with verve and vividness.

These two modalities have trouble accepting each other. And so I have trouble reconciling the two. How can I create relationship and harmony between the two? And is this necessary to do, in order to be able to be more consciously in touch with my spirit guides? I truly would like to know something about them. Can you tell me something of them?”

Of course she is going to have scientific entities surround her and it is not surprising that she first must query all things. How could this be? She understands that even time can be slowed down.  The many things that are not seen by the human eye do exist.  For this will be her path to her enlightenment. Dear, do not see any of the scientific as negative for it is not so.  Only if you put blinders or limitations upon yourself then you could be in state of no growth.  That could be considered negative if left too long.  The entities that surround you–one is a physician, one a spirit alchemist and one was a wild and wondrous witch.  I am not surprised that you dance with it all. Continue my dear.  It is good.