Reality TV and other concerns

Funtastic writes:

Please help me to understand Bridezillas, a TV program. This is what I mean. Have they staged the rude and cruel behavior of these brides and had a pre-agreement that the people around them will put up with that unacceptable behavior from them? Or is being nice, kind, considerate, empathetic, and having a positive attitude NOT a condition for having people want to be around you and be your friend, let alone having someone who wants to marry you?

I ask because I don’t think I could ever behave that way and have friends or even someone who would want to put up with that and marry me too. I mean I have it hard enough already to make friends. I know that I inhibit myself a lot. I think it is because of the relationships that I had with my mom and grandma and also the negative experiences that I had with others before I reached age 18. Given who Funtastic is (personality, character, etc) , can I even have a bunch of friends-real friends? (I notice that I tend to feel this way more when I get pre-menstrual.)

Also, why do some people get many comment responses on Facebook and others do not. Is there anything about me that causes few responses? Just trying to understand the dynamics of human interactions. Thank you for your help in this.


The Guide’s response:

Oh my blessed one, how you have grown!  How beautiful you are that you now question and seek your own truth in all information. This is the most blessed thing that you could have ever asked.  It matters not whether these things be true, or truth… they are not your truth.  Halleluiah, blessed one, halleluiah!

It is true your world is in a time of, well, we call it the overturn. It is a time of imbalance.  Many, many new beings, new souls that have much to learn are always  drawn to the drama, to the excitement, to the negative, to the fighting and veracity of emotions, raw and unchecked.  You are not a new soul, blessed one.  You are an evolved being and you find this very disconcerting, not comforting.  But there are many that do.  And so, in your world of chaos and imbalance money talks louder than the truth.  So these are the things you will be seeing on these places that draw money.

There are still many voices with goodness and wonder that you can hear and find your truth from.  They are there; seek them.  The greatest way to have a voice is to not watch, to not listen, to not put your money and your attention to these places that you find negative, that are not your truth.

Yes, you can find the beings of this like energy and you shall when you are ready and strong enough to see them.  There is a move coming up for you, my dear.  There will be a small time in which you will travel to different places.  Be not afraid.  Walk in the persona for who you be now.  For many that are close to you still have you in an old attitude of who you were.  Partially, because you do not want to distort their thoughts of you and you are happy with how it is.

A small part of you is afraid to be that that you are now, vast and wondrous, questioning, excited about the new truths of how you see your world, comforted in the being of who you be.  You have come to be in the physical domain in a time of chaos, to be, to help, to teach.  There will be many who will come and be comforted by you.  You have an amazing tale to tell of growth and healing.  Bless you my child, bless you.


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