Reach out for your own growth and strength

Lost 101 writes:

Dear guides, I am desperate for some guidance in my life. I am happy with my life, but my fiancee is questioning if he can stay with me because of other reasons that have nothing to do with our love.  Because of how we met I have always felt everything in my life led me to him, but it seems I have had to fight for our relationship since day one. Am I meant to fight for this? Or should I let him go and there is something else meant for me. Should I stop fighting and let him fight for me?

I think I am at peace and acceptance if he decides to leave, but truly feel it would be a mistake. Help guide me please

The guide’s response:

Dear, blessed 101, (interesting you use that name, although for I won’t speak of that right now).  Dearest one, you know that this one does not love you as you love him.  You don’t want that to be so, but it is the truth.  You are trying to imagine what life would be without him.

I will tell you that it will be easier than it is with him.  For you barely even breathe and you worry so much about how he is and how he feels about everything, even to the point where you have forgotten how you feel about things.  And you are not making choices for yourself that are clear and strong and filled with love.  They are clouded with the needs of another that you are desperately holding on to.  Almost a Houdini in many ways trying to do something, but it is impossible.

Do you let go, blessed one?  It will not be easy for you–but you must make a choice for you now, for happiness.  Do you remember that?  The excuses he has come up with, they were never, ever needed. You know deeply within your being that you are the one mostly in love.  Find love of self, blessed one.  Reach out for your own growth and strength.  And know that you are not alone and that you will have great happiness.

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