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Scooterish, hello again!   I have a question about my chickens. I’m worried about them. Their vents are bloody. I believe they are becoming cannibalistic and we made the decision to have them roam free outside of their pen, as it would seem some are being picked on and they are dying at an alarming rate. Now they will be in danger of being taken by predator birds.

Do you have any advice about this?

Is there something I’m missing or could improve upon? I love them and don’t want to lose them.  Thanks!

Spirit Guide – Listen here:  Chickens

Dearest one, you are a very wise being. Most beings that raise these creatures for food and eggs don’t think about their state of life as dearly as you do. How wondrous it is. But know that there is not a high intelligence amongst these beings. They are very basic. They have one purpose: to eat, to survive. They don’t think about being kind to one another as some other domains do. In fact, in the animal world very few do. But they have purpose, and they have souls.

Now then, when you increased your numbers you threw off the balance. And in large numbers of creatures, whether they be birds of a feather or flocks or herds, when you increase numbers you disturb their energies. And that is what has happened. So until things settle down, which may take some time, and may require a decrease in numbers, there will be a discord amongst them.

Free roaming is of course wonderful for them. But yes, there are other creatures that can attack. You can supply some shade and protection for them, but that is one of the things about nature. You see they too need to eat.

How do you think you can help them? They are stressed. Give them lots of good, kind love and… I don’t know if you know this, but music affects these creatures a great deal too. Gentle, soft music is very soothing to them. You see, the cock crows to get them agitated and moving. You can sooth them by gentle sounds. Sometimes in certain parts of the day when there is a great amount of noise they are disturbed.

I see you doing great and wonderful things. Do not stress so much my dear because these creatures do sense your stressed state. Stay calm and happy. Do what you can in all manner of way to protect them. Give them life and trust.

Oh, I will tell you there are things you can put in their water. You can give them Omega 3s. And this will help with the laying, and lessen the difficulty of that. A few drops in the water never hurt anything. There are many oils that can help this.  Bless you my dear.

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