Almandine writes:

I am wanting to know about this man in my life who I’ll call  Z.  Yes, I know I hold myself back for him. But I am open to letting others into my life, should they pass by and should I allow myself to be out there in order to see them pass by. But I want to know, what does he think of me? What is going on, what sort of growth is this? Is he angry? What did I do wrong, exactly?  I am holding out, I know it is part of my soul’s promise, I won’t let go. I will be strong for myself first, and when he sees me, he will see the strength I lacked when I was with him. What of this guides, what of this?

The guide responds:

Dearest one, loving one’s self is one of the most difficult and wonderful parts of being present in the physical world.  One must understand this if one is ready to take on a relationship. You choose.  For you know in many ways you are not seen in that relationship and you are very lonely.  And you question, is this what love is for you?  No, blessed one.  Release your thoughts of this being.  Surround this being in light and love and send him on his way that he might do what he needs to do.  And you allow the same light and love to be, to radiate out of you, to draw in that amazing being that will see you and adore you in the way that you need and deserve to be.  You don’t need to be watching all the passers by for this being will be present in your life.  I know you wonder how much time.   Think not of the time, but think of being.  Be the light and love that you are and all will be attracted to you as you need it to be there.