Questions about a cat’s diet

Cheryl asked about the health of her cat. She says he developed stomach problems about a year ago and had to be put on a diet of special food. He does not like the new food that treats of chicken and other pure proteins, he has lost a fair amount of weight. She asked is it something to be concerned about.

As he is a rescue cat, Cheryl would like to know more about him. She thinks his life was difficult. She also asks why the cat becomes so “chatty” when she is meditating

These beautiful creatures are to teach love. It is interesting that she calls this a “rescue cat” and we wonder who is being rescued. In truth, this beautiful being has come to teach her about love. For that is their true purpose. She must not worry about food and the physical domain of this being. For the two are teaching each other many things. She needs to understand her own truth, her own being, to be concerned of her own health. Tell her not to fuss and worry so much about this gentle being but to pay a little more attention to her own being. As to the noise or the energy, when one meditates, one changes one’s vibration and draws in great energy, and this is the pure essence of this being. Of course it would feel one with it and enjoy it. There will be many that will be drawn to Cheryl for she has great compassion and love. Tell her to enjoy it, to just love. It is right that she chooses food that is pure as this little one just can’t deal with a lot of chemicals. But it is more important to think about love…and for herself as well as for this beautiful cat.

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