Questioning a message from a psychic


TogetherDorothy – some years ago I went to a psychic and she told me that my property is a very special place and that it will be worth more than I could ever imagine and to never sell it. I was surprised by her comments but because I came to see her to talk about other concerns, I didn’t pursue any questions regarding her comments about my property.  So, my personal question is: how will my property be worth more than I could ever imagine ?

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Dearest one, your question is not truly the question you want to ask, but I will say to you that the physical land that you all walk on and care for will have values that will wane high and low over societies’ state.  You have been through a very long, dry season of difficulties.

You look upon this and wonder if it is a security for you, or not.  Because you have held fast to what was said to you, you have created a great weight upon this physical land and actually have prevented many things from moving forward.  No, not the fact that you did not sell, but the fact of what you feared about it.

You can be released from anything that has been said to you by simply pursuing that that you wish to do, to free yourself.  You are very worried that you will miss a step and lose something very much important to you.  That has not occurred. But you have limited yourself in many ways.

I know at first when this was accessed to you, there were many other actions involved, other beings and now you wonder what it is truly meant to be.

You can earn monies from this.  But you have gone from highs to lows.  I do not believe any amount would satisfy for it means more than money now.  And that is what you need to examine.  What does this truly represent to you?

That makes me wonder about predictions, or information that people gain from going to psychics.  That comment came out of the blue for her, about her property, was that not a good thing then?

Many beings will search for the answer they want and this was such a case, even not consciously knowing, but wanted to feel safe. This was given by the actual being who cared very much to give what pleased.  It is never wrong to seek answers from any forms and ways. It will give you keys and lead you to where you need to be.  Never fear that that is given, but know that you can manipulate it until you hear what you want.

Oh, that is so true.  So, the information is never really pure?

Oh, it is pure.  My dearest one, if you seek to find and realize your own belief and dreams, you will find it.  It is what they need for that time.  It will change from one moment to the next, growth occurs. Once received, it is realized that what you do with it; if you seek a truth that is not the truth of others but it is your truth, it is yours and yours alone to develop through and grow through.  It may be completely wrong in the eyes of others, but for you it creates learning and there you be.   There is no one stamp. There is no one way.  There are many ways.

If she truly sat back and realized that the psychic, as you call it, spoke these things, that there was some part of her psyche wanted to hear that, for she truly was seeking security.  And she had a choice in that to follow what she wanted, or to try to seek where the truth really lay at her fingertips.

Any final words for Dorothy?

Trust in yourself, blessed one. You are a very wise being. You are a strong individual. You do listen to your inner voice, your God within.  Trust in this.  Be that that you are, blessed one, a radiant being.

I know you often feel lately that you don’t know what to do, rather aimless.  But in truth, that is simply an element that change is at hand and that you need to choose something else; to find some new fresh air to be present in, some new beings to surround yourself with.  Do not be afraid of that.  Do not believe there is no point, for there is great growth at hand for you, yet to be.

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