pets-dogs-jane-kennard-spirit-wisdom-you-are-not-alone-2011Maurice writes:

Dear friends! I lost my little dog, Chico. He was not even 7 years old. He was very sick. He had a heart attack. I gave him mouth to mouth and he came back, but he was in lots of pain. We had no choice to put him to sleep. I miss my little boy. Every time I look at his pictures, I have a hard time. Do you know if he’s o.k over there? And if he still comes to see me sometimes. Thanks and god bless!

The guide’s response:

You know very well that this being, this little dog, is in the light, and has stayed very close to you. Your sadness only brings this one closer and closer. Remember, he came to teach you about unconditional love. You have learned about this love. And loving a small creature to such extent frees you from being held in one place. So free him from being held in one place, to allow him to continue on his path. And know that in the oneness of all there is no separation. You will always be close.

Do our pets evolve as we evolve?

Yes my dear, much more quickly than you would understand. It seems they do not need as many physical experiences to learn about the magnificence of love. But yes, they proceed as you do.

Thank you.