Jaynah Doe writes:

I’d like to know what my destiny is? I’ve been through a lot of losses this year, in a lot of ways and I’d like to know what my purpose is in life. I’m a graphic designer with an 8 year old daughter who has autism. I love what I do but I just feel like there is something more out there for me. Do I have spirit guides? Who are they?  By the way, I never mentioned anything about my daughter… she’s my angel and I love her with all of my heart.

The guide’s response:

I wonder where to begin to answer all of these amazing questions.  Blessed one, firstly, the blessed child that came to be with you is a very ancient being with a huge promise. A promise is a task, to allow others to grow as well as her own being.  But mostly on the scale for many to learn from the one.  For you to be with this one is a great promise as well.  Understand that you are blessed in many ways. Your amazing ability to see the very fine, the very small, and the very large and to put it all into balance.  You have this great ability to get through barriers to create communication, to make bridges between.  You needn’t worry but open yourself to the beings made present to you.  Of course, you have many but at this time you have a very wise ancient one that has touched your face many times when you were very small and often uses this to touch you.  It doesn’t matter what you see this one as.  The presence is known.  Career wise, choose it dearest one.  It shall be yours.  You see what I say, the universe will provide for you my child for your promises are large and wide.  Worry not, you are needed.