Pope Francis “Place ourselves at the service of the poor”


Pope Francis’ beautiful messages of unconditional love and care for the poor, how is he faring with the politics and power of the Vatican church?

This rigid, old ritualistic state is having quite a panic, I must say. They don’t know quite how to deal with this one who wants to be out amongst the people.  He has a true sense of what religion is. He lives it, he is part of it.  And those who get to be in the honour of his presence will know it.

He is a wonderful being and will try very hard to make sure that the old ways diminish.  There is such negativity around him though, and there are those that fear for his life.  For the old ways do not get changed easily in this state; the religious state I speak of. It Is inflexible and full of fears.  It has ruled in fear for a long time.  And how does one so fresh and beautiful stay amongst these old stuffed shirts?

It is a miracle that he was chosen.

Yes, you might say that.  He didn’t really want it.  He was really rather upset at first. He just wanted to go home and go back with his place with his people, his beautiful people.  But he has accepted the challenge and brought his home to this place.  He has brought human kindness to this place of cold, gold walls and whispered secrets.  He wants all truth to be known and spoken.

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