Past life contributes to feeling of uncertainty

AJ writes:

Would it be possible for me to know more about my past lives; in particular why it seems that I am often driven by fear and guilt?

The guide’s response:

Yes, my dear, you came back very quickly.  You see this choice is yours as to how long you stay in the place of great learning before you enter into the physical again.  Although you never really leave the dimension of the physical when you are in the human learning, but you came back quickly and thus you might even sense that you are out of the natural order of your learning.  As if amongst a great number of strangers often feeling very separated from those you want to have a great and deep bond with.  But they should be showing up about now.

They might seem a lot younger, but don’t be afraid of that.  As to the fear and uncertainly, yes, you came from a time when there was great uncertainty in the physical world but you wanted to return to help to speak to many about following their own truth, or being that that they are.  I want you to know that you do not have to fear, that you should go to the center of your being, to the warmth and depth of your loving heart and understand that you will not be tortured, that you will not be imprisoned.

I will not tell you the exact path but it had a place in the history of great uncertainty.  In time, you will be ready to hear it and it will become clear to you when you are ready to feel and see it.  You are on a path of teaching and so you must take all of the steps so you will then be able to step on to this path and help many.  Blessed one, trust.

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