Andrea wonders about a past life connection with her friend’s son. She went to visit the friend and her family in the UK and spent much time with the little boy walking through shops and playing with his toys. She writes, “I love their whole family, but it was the hardest to leave him. I actually cried in the car as we left. It has been suggested to me that we had a past life connection and this would make sense to me, considering how I felt. If you don’t mind, could you clarify this for me?”

Yes, my dear.  You have had past experiences, several, with this being.  You have nurtured and cared for this one in many forms.  It is not surprising that you worry and wanted to simply bask in the light of being together.  But know that this time there are different choices, different promises.  And in time there will be the completion of a promise with this one–but not yet.  Trust.

He knows it as well, and feels very loved by you.  It is all positive.  I know you worry that he will not  have that that he needs in many ways.  But he has chosen this path and it is exactly what it needed to be.  And you, my dear, evolved being know that you cannot be responsible for another’s growth; only your own.  So send light and love, as you know it’s very strong.