Missdynamicsoul  asks if you could tell her something about her past lives.  Also she asks, “Could you tell me about my connection with my grandson, Brome?”

The guide’s response:

This blessed one has had many past lives.  The expression, or lifetime, we often call them expressions, they become part of you.  The lifetime that she perhaps should perhaps to try to tune in the most  (although none are important as they are what was and this is what is now)…. In this lifetime she was a great creator of art. She  helped many that could not speak, or hear, or see to express themselves through art, never thinking how art helped her in that life. It was not until close to leaving it that she saw how creative she was. And there is still a part of her needing to  be this creative.

Perhaps she is asking at this same time about her grandson because her grandson was in this life I speak of, helping her to find her creativity.  She sees now that deep connection and it isn’t one that has words.  It often isn’t when they have been full and rich, it is a deep bond, a knowing that “Here we are again to rejoice, to be together, to support one another in whatever promise is at hand.”  It is a rich and wonderful reunion, yes.