pets-dogs-jane-kennard-spirit-wisdom-you-are-not-alone-feb-2011Maurice writes:

Dear friends, here is my question: My little dog lost weight. He’s feeling good and everything, but I found a small lump on his belly. I don’t have the mnoney for surgery and I feel guilty. If something happens do you think he will hate me? I know it’s stupid but, I love that little dog more that a human! Thank you.

The guide’s response:

This little dog has come to teach you about love. It is not surprising that you love this one so deeply. But it should not limit you to only loving him, it is about loving all. The unconditional love that this beautiful little creature has helped you to grow and learn is a gift and if that is done, than that is done. You have grown. Say thank you to this blessed creature and say:I shall learn to love all beings as unconditional. When I am in a moment of fear and angst I will remember the love I feel for this creature.

As to lumps, good heavens, the manifestation of a lump can be many things. It is nothing that you feel you must control but allow it to be that little creature’s own opportunity to understand the physical experience they are having. You see, it is not all about your conscious understanding of your physical experience. All beings present in the physical world have their own experience and are responsible for their own growth. I know you live in a time when there are many ways in which you should change and fix and alter, but the true purpose of unconditional love has nothing to do with changing and fixing and altering. No one will be angry with you my dear if you have learned love. The love is what is important.

This is  a concern for many people with their pets. Now the veterinarians that have surgeries, interventions and treatments as our pets age and we who love our pets feel that we somehow have to do this even though we cannot afford this. It is a real dilemma.

Yes, it is only in the physical world that this evolution has occurred. And it is individual choice where you be, what you choose, how you grow.  But try to think of the true essence of what is at hand. If this creature that you love so dearly came about this injury by an act that you did in harm, knowingly or unknowingly harming, it would be against your growth to not to try to correct that. If it is through the process of the physical domain that a being ages and is preparing to leave the physical world, it doesn’t mean that you should struggle to keep this one alive. That perhaps is your growth, your choosing to understand that love is not controlled or contained, that it moves in and out of the realm of the physical world.  That letting go is loving as much as making them stay, perhaps more so.

Thank you for these words. I am sure they will help many to understand.