Pam writes, “I have avoided intimacy for many years. I really want to dive deep into a wonderful soul connection. Can you see me getting Married and having this in the Future?”

Yes, if you open a place in your life for someone.  You are very busy filling up every part and parcel and having an excuse as to why you can’t do this and won’t do that.  You have become very stuck in some ways, my dear.  I do not say this in a negative way.  But you have presented yourself to the world as very complete and not needing anyone–and yet you do.  In the quiet of your soul you want to share.  You now have an inner voice that is so wise and needs to share and hear other person’s opinions.  Unfortunately, many see you as not needing anything or anyone.  It is not the case dearest.  How to be so strong and weak at the same time.  You can do this.  Weakness is a strength, a gentle open lovingness.  You can have love.  It is never too late.  Never.