aikaterine writes:

Dear Guides,

My fiancé passed away five years ago this coming December. I battled with severe alcoholism for a year after that and finally got sober on the 1st anniversary of his death. I have come so far. Worked so hard, building a new life. And as much as I loved my fiancé, his death was indeed a blessing for both of us. After all this time, I find that I really do want another partner to share this journey with me. Sometimes I think I must give off an “unavailable” vibe, but I’m wondering if I’m not doing all I can to bring love to my life. I feel stuck, and impatient. And wondering if we are indeed, ever granted true love more than once in life?

The guide’s response:

Dear, dear one,

Granted true love?  You are true love–and so it shall be in your path.  It is not for anyone to grant to you; it is yours to be, to have.  In your own words, your life has been a battle.  And it’s hard to put down the armaments when one wants a new and fresh vision.  Old ways persist often, for they were a point of survival.  And survival is hesitant to give up the free will and choices, these conditions of the human being.  And so, how to stop fighting and allow the love and light to be in your life?  It is to not have the answers but just simply to be, to hold the light and love that you are in all circumstances.  This will draw that love to you.  It has been hard but wear it not as armor, but with open arms, willing to trust and love.  For that is what you are, my child.  Bless you.