Opening to telepathic communication

L is asking how to best use and understand telepathy.  She says, “Being an empath, and sensitive, I wonder how much of a role does telepathy play in all of these senses and in being psychic and a medium? Is it true when we first start to open up, we can experience all of these senses and energies? How do we know the difference between higher telepathy and mind to mind earth bound telepathy? also how to deal with avastism/ or being avastic?   Thank you.”

Know that the higher source helps you to receive the message from another being.  That telepathy, or whatever words you wish to use to open your being to the energies that are all part of you and the others, that you understand that we are all one.  That the physical domain creates the illusion of being separate but your energies, your breath, your being, your thoughts move through all parts of your physical being and other beings through you. You can understand how you can open certain gateways to one or another. Those that you have a bond of love with, of course, that communion will be easier.

Any being that you set your energy upon, you communicate with.  This earth, dearest, that you walk upon with such gentle footsteps is there for you to grow.  Be excited, play games, do actions that are exciting for the conscious mind, but know that these are just the beginnings of the opening.  It can begin with joyful testing and asking for confirmation and do so.  Be not afraid to put the beings around you in a test of amazing love.  See it as joyful and full of light and wonder, but understand that the responsibility you will find.

You have limited yourself in the past for you came up through an attitude of not being seen.  But now as you spread your wings and are so excited about life, this is true for you that that was a burden you see in others, because you have let it go.  It is often the way.  See everything with new fresh awareness for the senses, healing, sight, touch and that amazing body and understand that you are not separate from any, you are one with them.  That is why you use the word empathetic, for you can walk in their shoes. Don’t forget to walk on your path, dearest.  Make deep footprints in your path. What does this mean?  Be responsible for your growth.  It is often the case with those that come so able to be in touch with others, that you facilitate all of their growth, or practice where you can and forget about your own. It is not a good thing.  You need to be for yourself, love.

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  1. Dawn October 9, 2010 at 8:32 pm - Reply

    I’ve had a wonderful year learning and creating and living in awe of the power that is ours to use to enjoy this life to the fullest. I have been struggling, however, with my eyesight for several months and feel there may be something I’m not seeing. Please tell me what I need to hear or show me what I need to see.
    Thank you!

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